Ginger Compress

The Gift of the Ginger Compress

Ginger is hot by nature- when you bite into it, its hot.
So it has this ability to draw blood to an area.
By placing a very hot towel on particular areas of the body. The area becomes very red as the blood is drawn to the area being treated eg lower back, and so it creates great healing on the inside.

You will need:
Ginger: 2 inch knob of ginger(look for ginger with a shiny coat)-
Chux/ Old Hanky
Old hand towels
Large pot
Rubber bands/twine

Grate ginger
Cut chux into 2 squares
Place grated ginger into the centre of each chux square.
Bring together to form a pocket and secure with a rubber band.
Place pockets into large pot of hot water that has been brought to the simmer-
Not boiling water as you will burn the skin.
Simmer for 10 mins until the water turns yellow- be careful to not boil the water.

Holding your clean hand towel , with one hand at each end of the towel and drop the middle of the towel into the pot of ginger water.
Lift the towel up out of the water and wring the towel out tightly while its still hot-
you do this by twisting the ends of the towel in the opposite direction.
Shake off the excess heat.
Place hot steaming towel immediately onto tummy/ lower back or injury.
You can place a dry towel on top to keep the heat in.
As soon the towel becomes just want and starts to cool down remove it-
And repeat the process 3 times.
Once the area is really pink to red its perfect- this usually takes 15- 20 minutes.

Always go VERY slowly when placing the towel down to start with each time so your partner can let you know if it so you don’t burn your partner.
While the person is healing and relaxing, its nice to given them a gentle little hand or foot massage.

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