Workshops & Programs

My range of bespoke programmes draw upon and combine wisdom from a wide range of sources, including: Neurolinguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Robert Cialdini Influence and Persuasion, Emotional Intelligence, Sydney University Coaching Psychology practices, Performing Arts Techniques, Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness.

More recently, I have added the the ideas of Ben Crowe, who is best known as Ash Barty’s mindset coach as well as Brene Brown’s ideas in the Courage and Vulnerability space.

Making people feel good about themselves fuels their energy and enables them to keep doing what they do. By supporting their motivation levels, they feel more inspired to do even just the little things which, together, have a big impact.

Let’s talk about what you are wanting to achieve for your people and lets work together to make that happen!

Can Do Communication

People are more interested in what you can do and not what you can't do

This programme is a real game changer. We learn ‘can do language’ versus ‘no can do’ language.
Using real life examples, these ideas are brought to life to improve communications in the workplace and anywhere really.
These practical tools enable you to set boundaries, take action and bring about positive change in your interactions.
Your words are very powerful and we can demonstrate collaboration and confidence straight away even in the settings of negotiation and potential conflict. We understand what is helpful language versus unhelpful language through case studies.
Delivered in a format that works with an easy to understand framework combined with great practical ideas.
Has helped everyone build confidence, improve relationships and increase productivity even in the setting of conflict and negotiation.

Game-changing content that delivered results verified through multiple participant feedback. Tailored to suit business needs, the sessions can range from 90-minutes to a full day, delivered in person or online. Can be delivered for large and small groups.

Signature Workshops

Unique and Creative Workshops to Energise and Refresh

Unique and creative, these clever workshops are fun, energising and refreshing. Designed to enable your teams to share perspectives, collect insights, build knowledge , practise skills through interactive and engaging activities.
Delivers results by enhancing teamwork and team harmony, and building individual and team confidence.
100% of positive feedback from conference surveys: fun; enjoyable as well as helpful and purposeful; time went so fast.

Tailored to suit business needs, the sessions can range from 90-minutes to a half day, delivered in person and /or online.
Can be delivered for large and small groups.

Winning Sales Conversations

Ideas that transform the selling conversation

Transform your Sales Leaders, Sales People and Sales Teams to achieve their business objectives.
Unlock exponential growth for your teams. Enable them with next-level communication skills.
Participants learn how to create meaningful connections with their customers through easy, doable and practical communication ideas that elevate the customer experience and differentiate your sales team from other sales teams.

Tailored to suit business needs, the sessions can rage from 60 minutes to a half day, delivered in person or online.
Can be delivered for large and small groups.

Expression of interest

"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it."

– Estee Lauder