Chew Your Food

The Satisfaction of Chewing your Food

The modern trend is to eat refined carbohydrates like sugar and white flour ( which break down very quickly in the mouth, and don’t require chewing) , so we have never had to think about chewing.

It is a part of our miraculous design that we are have flat molars, a jaw that moves in little circles for grinding, and a special enzyme called ptylin that breaks down complex carbohydrates into high grade sugar. When this kind of glucose travels to the brain, it gives you an extraordinary feeling of satisfaction and contentment. You feel nourished and centred, and your brain is free to generate happy and contented thoughts. And it all begins in the mouth, which is the first stage of digestion, where complex carbohydrates are converted to glucose, to sugar. The good and right kind of sugar that fuels the body and supports it.

I promise you that the feeling of satisfaction and contentment that you will get from chewing whole foods thoroughly is something that you will appreciate for the rest of your life. We continue to look outside of ourselves for things that exist within us, we have the design and function to feed ourselves properly. Goodbye calories, goodbye weight watchers, goodbye BMI. Goodbye worrying about your weight. Goodbye eating breakfast thinking about lunch, goodbye eating lunch thinking about breakfast. Hello feeding yourself and feeling satisfied and content.

By chewing you will nourish yourself deeply, feel totally peaceful, satisfied and stable, and create robust health.

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