Gomasio is Toasted Sesame Salt and you use it as a condiment or a garnish, sprinkling it on to your vegetables, grains and soups. Sesame seeds are the best form of calcium on the planet. The body uses calcium to clean itself and the salt alkalises the body, reducing the level of acid present in the digestive tract and healing the body from the impact of a high acid diet.


20 teaspoons organic sesame seeds
1 teaspoon sea salt


Dry roast the sesame seeds until golden brown in a heavy based frying pan.

Set the seeds aside.

Dry roast the sea salt until it binds together. The salt is heated to draw the oil from the seeds.

Now combine a portion of the seeds and a portion of the salt to the mortar bowl, using the pestle now to start to grind them.
Grind the seeds and salt together and as the oil releases from the seeds it will start to coat the salt.
Continue to add seeds and salt to the mix until all the seeds and salt are combined. Keep 1/5 of the seeds whole.

Store them in an airtight glass jar. Any moisture causes it to spoil quickly.

Make your Gomasio fresh each week to achieve all the medicinal benefits.


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